Squirrel Class

Spring Term 2019


Incredibly we are half way through this academic year and time is showing no signs of slowing! We are at the end of another very busy half term which has seen the children become spies, pirates and chefs.

In January, like many, our thoughts turned to all things healthy. The children had the opportunity to think about such things as healthy eating, personal hygiene, exercise and mental well-being. They made and ate vegetable kebabs. We were very proud of those children who tried vegetables that they were unsure about. Many discovered that they did in fact enjoy them. Mrs Phillips and Mrs Fuller discovered that they still don’t like mushrooms!

We were very lucky to have a visit from Sam and Julie the dental nurses at Fareham Road Dental Surgery. They spoke us about keeping our teeth healthy and shared their dentures and rotten teeth with us.

The children’s interests led them to Spy School. Here they were able to learn the art of secret writing with magic pens. The writing could only be seen by those with a special light. This meant that the children could leave secret messages for each other. The false moustaches really added to the authenticity!

Latterly the children have been sailing the high seas as they fully immersed themselves in the world of pirates. Pirate Pete paid a visit to us as he hunted for the Golden Underpants. The children were only too happy to lend their help. After reading the book Pirates Love Underpants the children created their own versions which they went on to perform for their friends during our pirate dress up day. They made their own props and told their stories beautifully.

Pirate Pete wrote to the children asking for some help. His crew were becoming very unhealthy as they were living on a diet of KFC, Dominos and McDonalds. He wondered if the children could come up with a healthy alternative which would be warming and not too crunchy as the pirates’ teeth are rotten. Very quickly the children came up with the idea of making a healthy, warming vegetable soup. After writing a recipe for their soup they went on to prepare the ingredients and worked together to make it. Of course, they had to taste it and the overall verdict was positive.

We also managed to fit in maths, phonics and reading. In maths we have been thinking about everything from 1:1 careful counting to addition and subtraction of two single digit numbers. Phonics has seen the introduction of more digraphs and a trigraph. The children are beginning to recognise these in their reading and apply them in their Choosing Time writing. Some children are beginning sentence writing, while others are writing labels and captions. Congratulations to those of you who have supported your children in achieving their 75 nights reading certificate. We have noticed the positive impact this is having on those children in class. If you would like further support with reading or have any questions please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Every Friday the children take part in handwriting, a library session and Cosmic Yoga. All of which they appear to be relishing. In the afternoon they are able to enjoy their Rocket Job treat if they have successfully completed that week’s challenge. Challenges so far have included name writing, making playdough, writing a message in a bottle to the pirates and drawing a picture of a mermaid or pirate and labelling it. Treats so far have included party food, a disco and a huge game of Sardines.

The half term ended with a very successful Winter Warmer when many family members were able to join their child for a snuggle, a book and some hot chocolate and biscuits. Thank you to all of you who were able to support us.

We hope you have a very relaxing half term holiday and we look forward to seeing you all for the second half of the spring term when hopefully the weather will be much improved!