Squirrel Class

Autumn Term 2018


We cannot believe just how quickly the children’s first term at school has gone. They have amazed us all by settling into the routine of school so quickly. With so many new things to take on board, they have demonstrated such resilience and adaptability. We are very proud of them all.

Phonics is now in full swing and we hope that the children are sharing their learning with you at home. The Letters and Sounds phonics programme that we follow is supported by songs from Jolly Phonics which can be found on YouTube. We shall continue to send home a copy of the sounds we are learning each week and their letter formation in the school handwriting.

In our maths sessions we are currently learning about a different number each day. We call this ‘Number of the Day’. We learn about the number formation, its place on a number line and what that many of an object looks like. You can support your child with this by finding any opportunity to count at home e.g. how many stairs do you climb to get to bed? Asking them to turn to a certain page in a book. Can they read the numbers on the front of the bus? Can they count the knives and forks for dinner?

In Year R a lot of learning follows the children’s interests. This half term their main interests have been in the police force, dogs, superheroes and fairies. We were fortunate to be able to enlist the help of our local Police Community Support Officer, Ian and his police officer colleague, Stacey. We did hope that they would be able to bring the police dogs with them but unfortunately duty called and they were sent on an operation. The children took this in their stride and were more than happy to talk to Ian and Stacey about their jobs. Some of the children took the opportunity to sit in the back of the police van too. One focus of the visit was to give the children the opportunity to ask questions. We practised questioning during Sparkle Time. At this age children find questioning quite tricky so we reinforced this by learning the Makaton signs for each question word. The children did very well during these sessions and we shall return to questioning later in the year.

Currently the children are interested in superheroes. This week the children are enrolled in Superhero Training Camp. They must complete several missions in order to graduate at the end of the week. Some of the missions involve defeating the evil spider ‘Scorpioid’. Your Superhero can tell you more!

We continue to work on developing the children’s gross and fine motor skills through various activities such as Dough Gym, Squiggle While You Wiggle, Hand Gym, Smart Moves and team games.

The children read to an adult in school on at least one occasion every week. When the children can confidently identify the six Oxford Reading Tree characters we will move them onto Stage 1 books with words. Once they can sight read their Stage 1 words and are able to tell a story from the pictures we will move them onto Stage 1+ books. Before progressing to the next stage the expectation is that they complete the series of trunk stories and they can apply the stage words in their reading. We expect children to read on at least three occasions at home during the week. By the time the children return to school after the half term holiday we envisage that all children will have read on at least 25 occasions. Should you experience difficulties in achieving this we will provide support from our Home School Link Worker, Mrs Fearis. Congratulations to those of you who have already supported your child in achieving their 25 reads.

Thank you all very much for your support over the past few weeks. Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.

The Foundation Stage Team.