Attachment and Trauma Sensitive Schools Award (ATSSA)

We are very proud that we are one of the first schools in Hampshire to be awarded the bronze accreditation to recognise our efforts at being an Attachment and Trauma Sensitive School. This work has resulted in effective support for children experiencing complex emotional issues and strengthened the calm, happy positive learning environment for all children.

This award provides a framework of support and understanding for schools and other educational establishments within which children and young people who have experienced adversity, can heal, thrive, play, and learn.

In developing our school, we first focused on our environment. We have de-cluttered our spaces and have consistency in classrooms which includes neutral coloured displays. Providing this consistency supports the children in feeling safe and ready to learn.

We have introduced Calm Corners in every classroom. These areas were set up in collaboration with the children. The areas provide a space for the children to self-regulate when they are feeling uncomfortable. In each area there is a box of sensory items as well as a social story about The Colour Monster. This story helps them to understand their uncomfortable feelings and know what to do if they feel uncomfortable.

We have also provided further staff training to improve consistency in the language we use with the children. Our first attention will always be focussed on positive behaviour and, when a child needs support to be reminded about their behaviour, they will be spoken to in the same way by ALL staff. This language is displayed throughout the school as a visual reminder for all staff and the children. Our behaviour policy explains how language is used consistently.

We have strengthened our relationships with parents and carers through introducing a monthly ‘Coffee and Catch up’ session for parents and we now have a PTA. We have made many changes to improve our communication with our parents and carers in response to our recent parent questionnaire results. These include creating topic webs to share the children’s learning for the term and the introduction of year group email addresses to enable parents to communicate directly with class staff.

We are now continuing to develop our provision and are aiming to achieve the silver award next year. This will involve us developing the following

  • Developing our playtime provision
  • Further improving how we work with and support parents
  • Reviewing our Home learning policy
  • Further promoting pupil voice
  • Directed time for staff to have reflective practice