Year R Autumn Term 2

We are delighted with the way the children have settled back into the routines of school following the half-term holiday.

In Year R we are fortunate to be able to follow the children’s interests and this half term their interest has led us to Dinoland!

The children discovered that a tropical land with an erupting volcano had appeared in the classroom. Hungry dinosaurs have roamed the land (some with letters and numbers on their backs!) Dinosaur bones and fossils which have been excavated from the planters have been carefully brushed, weighed, measured and ordered. The children have used their scientific investigation skills to rescue a group of dinosaurs that were trapped in ice. They have also worked to make a trap for a carnivore from crates, blocks and ropes.

During our Book Talk sessions, we have learnt about the differences between fiction and non-fiction books. We know about the jobs of an author and an illustrator and have become familiar with the different parts of a book. We have discovered that non-fiction books have a contents page, a glossary and an index. We enjoyed reading a non-fiction book about dinosaurs which gave us so much information about them.

In Phonics we have started Phase 2 of the Letters and Sounds programme. You can see a weekly update on Tapestry of all the learning we have been doing in Phonics each week. The children have been very enthusiastic to practise writing the new letters. They have done this on whiteboards and in notebooks with pens and pencils, on paper with chalk and paintbrushes as well as in the mud, glitter and sand with sticks and their fingers!

The children are trying so hard to blend the sounds that they have learnt to make words and it is thrilling to see the look of joy and surprise on their faces as they realise, they can read!

The Number-blocks have helped us with our counting in Maths. We have completed our Number of the Day and covered all the numbers from 0 to 20. Very soon we will begin to work in groups and consolidate our number recognition, formation and one to one counting.

In Sparkle Time we have focused on Team Games to help with the development of communication and language skills as well as personal, social and emotional development. Sparkle Time has also included Smart Moves, Dough Gym and Squiggle While You Wiggle which all help in the development of our core and upper limb strength. This prepares us for the writing journey we are starting.

One of the new skills we have learnt this half term is how to mix powder paint. We have used our Phonics and Maths skills to help us to read the instructions on how to combine the powder and water to make paint.

Every day we take a book from the Over and Over Book Box and enjoy it before we go home. This half term our Over and Over books are:

  • Oi Duck-billed Platypus!
  • Angela Sprockets Pockets
  • Duck in the Truck
  • Tickly Octopus
  • My Two Grannies


Following on from the home learning when we asked the children to recite their favourite rhyme, we have compiled these into the Year R Book of Favourite Rhymes. The children have enjoyed looking through this during Choosing Time and sharing it with their friends.

Several of our children have achieved 25 reads at home now and their names are placed on our reading balloons in class. Some have gone on to become our Racing Readers. These are the children who have been recorded in their reading records as having read on the most occasions at home.

We hope that you have all been able to access your child’s Tapestry account. Should you be having difficulty with this, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.

Thank you very much for your continued support. We do appreciate it very much.

We are very excited to discover where the children take us next in their learning and look forward to updating you soon.